Intellyverse Terms of Service

Latest Update: June, 17th, 2023


Welcome to Intellyverse, LLC. (“Company”, “we”, “our”, “us”)! As you proceed with our Terms of Service, kindly take a moment to pause, relax, and thoroughly read the ensuing pages. The estimated reading time is around 5 minutes.

These Terms of Service (“Terms”, “Terms of Service”) apply to the usage of our website,, which is owned and managed by Intellyverse, LLC.

Our Privacy Policy also governs your use of our Service and outlines the ways in which we obtain, protect, and release information that is generated from your use of our Service. For further information, please refer to the following link:

By using our services, you agree to the following Agreements: the Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. You confirm that you have carefully read and comprehended these Agreements, and hereby consent to adhere to their terms.

In case of disagreement or inability to fulfill the Agreements, the Service usage is not permitted. However, we request you to inform us via email at [email protected] in order for us to discover a resolution. These Terms are applicable to all individuals, visitors or users, who intend to browse or use the Service.

Thank you for your responsible behavior.


Upon registering an account on our Service, you consent to receiving newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and any other related information that we may send. Please note that you reserve the option to opt out of receiving some, or all, of these communications from us by visiting the unsubscribe link or reaching out to us via email at [email protected].


For buying any product or service provided by Service, you might need to provide some necessary details related to your purchase, including but not limited to your credit card number, credit card expiry date, billing address, and shipping information.

You certify and guarantee that: (i) you hold the lawful authority to utilize any credit card(s) or alternate payment technique(s) in relation to any Acquisition; and (ii) the details you provide to us are accurate, precise and comprehensive.

Third party services could be used to assist in payment and making purchases. Your information may be shared with these parties in accordance with our Privacy Policy upon submission.

Our team retains the privilege to reject or terminate your order whenever necessary, citing reasons such as unavailability of the product or service, discrepancies in pricing or descriptions, issues in processing your order, or other related grounds.

Our company holds the right to alter the amount of words billed for the input or output or apply hourly usage limitations, regardless of prior commitments made during subscription. These adjustments shall be implemented based on our capacity to serve all users equally and protect the standards of our service. Our objective is to provide fair access to every user and maintain the quality of our service.

If there is suspicion of fraud or an unauthorized or illegal transaction, we may decline or revoke your order.

Basic Features

The term "Basic Features" refers to all features offered by Intellyverse, including word-based plans and credit-based plans, as they were available at the time of the platform's launch.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions

Any competitions, giveaways or other promotional offers (collectively, "Promotions") provided through the Service may be subject to specific regulations that differ from these Terms of Use. If you choose to take part in any Promotions, kindly check the relevant regulations in addition to our Privacy Policy. If the regulations for any Promotion contradict with these Terms of Use, the Promotion regulations will take precedence.


Certain aspects of the provision may be subject to charges that recur periodically, known as "Subscriptions." You will be charged in advance and on a regular basis for these Subscriptions ("Billing Cycle"). The frequency of the Billing Cycle will depend on whether you have chosen a monthly or yearly Subscription plan.

Upon the completion of each Billing Cycle, your Subscription shall automatically renew under identical conditions unless you decide to cancel it or Intellyverse, LLC. discontinues it. You have the option to terminate your Subscription renewal by accessing your online account management page or reaching out to Intellyverse, LLC. customer support team.

In order to process your subscription payment, a legitimate payment method such as credit card. It is your responsibility to furnish Intellyverse, LLC. with precise and comprehensive billing details, which include complete name, address, state, area code, phone number, and valid payment method details. Your submission of this payment information serves as an automatic authorization for Intellyverse, LLC. to debit your account for all fees related to your subscription through any of the payment instruments provided.

In case automatic billing is unsuccessful for any reason, Intellyverse, LLC. will generate an electronic statement notifying you that you need to manually submit the full payment for the billing cycle within a specified deadline.

Fee Changes

Intellyverse, LLC retains the right to adjust subscription fees for its subscriptions at its discretion and at any given time. In the event of a change in subscription fees, such changes will take effect upon the conclusion of the present billing cycle.

Your ongoing utilization of the Service following the implementation of any modifications to the Subscription fee denotes your consent to pay the adjusted Subscription fee sum.


We offer reimbursements for Agreements in the annual scheme at any point, refunding the sum that has not been utilized in the remaining months of the billing cycle, with the exception of the current month in which the cancellation occurs, as well as any prior months. This adheres to our terms of use.

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

In order to ensure that we can maintain our high standards of service, Intellyverse will be implementing a Fair Use Policy (referred to as the FUP). In order to prevent abuse of our services, we may occasionally introduce plans with limited credits/words. It is vital that every user of our tool employs it in a rational and conscientious way. There are limits and regulations in place that must be adhered to in accordance with the policy of our partner company, OpenAI. Please see below for these guidelines that must be followed by all users.

We guarantee that our terms of use permit legitimate users to easily meet their daily and monthly usage needs, subject to certain conditions outlined below. Additionally, we guarantee that our service operates impartially for all users while providing the best user experience possible. This entails delivering reliable service quality to each user uniformly and justly. The excessive use of our service by any one user may impact the usage speed and quality of others.

By utilizing this service, you hereby agree to select a suitable plan based on your professional requirements and the scale of your business operations. In the event of excessive usage, it is imperative that you upgrade to the next available plan or consult with our team to create a customized plan or leverage our business API.

We aim to discourage the use of automated and robotic activity and prioritize the security of our service and that of our associates. As a measure to prevent abusive behavior on our preceding credit-based boundless packages, we expect that users on our Professional, Startup, and Agency packages will refrain from generating text content exceeding 70,000 tokens per day with the utilization of our AI Features. Any utilization transcending the aforementioned thresholds will be deemed as irregular activity. However, we reserve the right to exercise leniency towards these boundaries, based on the usage trends of individual users from the past and current months.

As an additional measure, our AI engine prohibits certain types of uses, such as trading login details of unlimited accounts to earn money, which we regard as illegal activities. Our system allows only one user per registered account, and sharing of an account by multiple users is strictly forbidden. The system can detect and adjust parameters when there is abnormal, excessive usage, which may affect the quality of output. In most cases, this issue resolves itself with the start of a new monthly cycle.

Furthermore, in instances of unusually excessive usage or any illicit sharing of your login credentials, your account may be barred or permanently eradicated without prior warning. No appeals of any nature on this matter will be entertained, and no reimbursements shall be granted. Your utilization of our service signifies your agreement that any complaint or disagreement on this matter initiated by you or your financial institution will be dismissed outright.

Prohibited Uses

You are permitted to utilize the Service solely for lawful purposes and in compliance with the Terms. You pledge not to utilize the Service in the following ways:

In any manner that contravenes any relevant national or international law or regulation.

For the purpose of exploiting, harming or attempting to exploit or harm minors in any way by exposing them to unsuitable content or otherwise.

It is prohibited to send or facilitate the sending of any promotional or advertising materials, which may include but not limited to, "spam", "junk mail", "chain letter", or any other solicitation of such nature.

To impersonate or attempt to impersonate the organization, an organization employee, another user, or any other individual or entity.

In no circumstances that violate the rights of others, or in any way constitute illegality, threat, fraudulence, or harm, or in association with any wrongdoing, unlawful, fraudulent, or harmful intention or pursuit.

To partake in any activity that limits or hinders the use or pleasure of the Service by anyone, or that, as determined by us, has the potential to cause harm or offense to the Company or users of the Service, or may subject them to legal responsibility.

The service provider we use, "Open AI," strictly prohibits the production of sexual, religious, or political content. Therefore, we also prohibit the generation of such content on our platform. Generating such content will result in an "Unsafe Content" error message, which will serve as a final warning. Any further attempts to generate such material will lead to immediate cancellation of your subscription, and you will be prohibited from using our services again. No refunds will be issued in such cases.

Furthermore, you acknowledge and consent not to:

  • You may not utilize the Service in a way that could cause the Service to become inoperable, overloaded, harmed, or impaired, or disrupt any other user's ability to engage in real-time activities through the Service.
  • Do not utilize any machine, spider, or other automated tool, procedure, or mechanism to gain entry to the Service for any reason, including but not limited to tracking or duplicating any of the content on the Service.
  • Engage in any manual or automated process to monitor, replicate, or reproduce any of the content available on the Service, or for any other unauthorized purposes, without obtaining our prior written consent.
  • Utilize any equipment, program, or method that hinders the appropriate operation of the Service.
  • Introduce any harmful software, including but not limited to viruses, trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or any other harmful materials or technology. This action is strictly prohibited and violates our terms of use.
  • Do not make any attempt to gain illicit access, interfere with, cause damage, or disrupt any portions of the Service, the server where the Service is kept, or any servers, computers, or databases connected to the Service.
  • Engage in Service Disruption through a Denial-of-Service Attack or Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack.
  • Engage in any activity that can harm or manipulate the Company's reputation.
  • Otherwise attempt to disrupt the appropriate functioning of the Service.

Unauthorized Sale of Coupons

We strictly prohibit the unauthorized sale, resale, or distribution of any coupons or discounts related to our SaaS platform. This includes, but is not limited to, the sale of coupons by third-party websites or individuals without explicit authorization from our company.

Any coupons obtained through unauthorized channels are considered null and void. We reserve the right to refuse redemption of such coupons or take any necessary legal action to protect our interests.

Our company is the sole authorized entity for creating, distributing, and managing coupons for our SaaS platform. Only coupons obtained directly from our official website, authorized partners, or through our designated referral or affiliate programs are considered valid.

We encourage our users to report any instances of unauthorized coupon sales and cooperate with us in investigating and resolving such matters. By using our service, you agree not to engage in the sale or purchase of unauthorized coupons related to our SaaS platform.

Violation of this clause may result in the termination or suspension of your account, as well as legal action to seek appropriate remedies. We reserve the right to update or modify this clause at any time without prior notice.


Google Analytics

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, to track and report website traffic. The information collected allows us to monitor the use of our service. Google may use this information to personalize ads on their own advertising network. The collected data may be shared with other Google services and be used for contextualization purposes.

For more information on the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy Terms web page:

We also encourage you to review the Google's policy for safeguarding your data: Here

Usage Prohibited for Minors

This platform is exclusively designed for individuals who are a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age or older. By accessing or utilizing any of the services provided by the Company, you are confirming and ensuring that you meet the required age limit and possess the complete authorization, entitlement, and ability to accept and adhere to all the regulations and stipulations of the Terms of Use. If you are below eighteen (18) years of age, it is strictly forbidden to access or utilize any of the services provided by this platform.


Upon registering an account with us, you affirm that you are over 18 years of age, and that all information you provide us is truthful, comprehensive, and up-to-date at all times. Providing erroneous, incomplete, or outdated information may lead to prompt termination of your Service account.

As a user, it is your duty to ensure the privacy of your account information, including but not limited to restricting unauthorized access to your computer and/or account. You are liable and accountable for all activities or actions carried out under your account and/or password, irrespective of whether your password is with our service or a third-party one. You must inform us instantly when you become aware of any security breach or suspicious use of your account.

It is prohibited to use a username that infringes upon the rights of others, including the name of a person, entity, or trademark that is not legally available for use without proper authorization. Additionally, the use of any username that can be considered offensive, vulgar, or obscene is strictly forbidden. This complies with the terms of service.

We retain the privilege to decline service, conclude accounts, eliminate or alter content, or withdraw orders at our exclusive discretion.

Intellectual Property

The Service and its related content (excluding User-generated Content), features, and functions are and will remain the sole property of Intellyverse, LLC. and its official partners. The Service is protected by United States and foreign copyright, trademark and other applicable laws. Unauthorized use of our trademarks and trade dress in connection with any product or service is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Intellyverse, LLC.

Our commitment to upholding intellectual property rights is paramount. As such, we will promptly address any claims of Infringement regarding Content posted on the Service.

In the event that you are in possession of copyrighted material, or authorized on behalf of the owner, and you suspect that such material has been copied in a manner that violates copyright law, kindly send your claim via email to [email protected]. Please make the subject of your email to be "Copyright Infringement" and provide a thorough explanation of the alleged infringement as outlined in the "DMCA Notice and Procedure for Copyright Infringement Claims" section below.

The user shall be liable for any damages (including legal fees and expenses) resulting from false statements or malicious accusations regarding the infringement of any content accessed through the Service, with respect to their copyrights.

DMCA Notice and Procedure for Copyright Infringement Claims

A notification related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) can be submitted by furnishing our Copyright Agent with the subsequent details in writing (kindly refer to 17 U.S.C 512(c)(3) for more information):

  • a signature, whether physical or electronic, of an authorized person acting on behalf of the copyright owner's interests;
  • a description of the licensed material that is believed to have been violated must be provided, including the URL (i.e., web page address) of where the licensed material is located or a copy of it;
  • identification of the URL or other specific location on the Service where the material being contested is located;
  • contact details including your postal address, phone number, and email address;
  • a statement indicating a belief made in good faith that the contested usage is not authorized by the copyright holder, their representative, or by law;
  • a statement made under penalty of perjury, affirming that the aforementioned information within the notice is precise and that the individual making the statement is either the copyright owner or has been authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner.

Our Copyright Agent can be contacted through email at [email protected]

Error Reporting and Feedback

Our Service welcomes your input and suggestions for making it better. Whether through email at [email protected] or on third-party sites and tools, we appreciate any Feedback you provide. By submitting Feedback, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms: (i) you won't keep any intellectual property or other ownership rights over the Feedback; (ii) Company may already have similar development ideas to the Feedback; (iii) Feedback doesn't contain confidential or proprietary information from you or any third party; and (iv) Company isn't required to keep the Feedback confidential. If it's not possible for Company to own the Feedback due to mandatory laws, you grant Company and its affiliates an exclusive, transferable, irrevocable, and perpetual right to use your Feedback in any way and for any purpose, without charge and with the ability to sublicense and make derivative works.

The mentioned third-party sites and tools consist of the following:


Sentry is open-source error tracking solution provided by Functional Software LLC. More information is available here:

Links To Other Web Sites

The Service may consist of hyperlinks to external web pages or services that are not possessed or managed by Intellyverse, LLC.

The organization known as Intellyverse, LLC. lacks authority over, and takes on no liability for the content, privacy policies, or behaviors of any third party web sites or services. The offerings of any of these entities/individuals, or their websites, are not guaranteed by us.

It is hereby acknowledged and agreed that Intellyverse, LLC. shall assume no responsibility or liability, either directly or indirectly, in relation to any harm or detriment purportedly resulting from or associated with the utilization or dependence on any such material, merchandise or amenities obtainable via or by means of any such external sites or utilities.

It is highly recommended to thoroughly review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of any third-party websites or services you choose to access.

Disclaimer Of Warranty

The services shall be provided by the company on a "as is" and "as available" basis. The company shall not make any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the operation of the services or the adequacy, accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information, content, or materials included in the services. By availing of these services, you explicitly agree that any risk arising from your use of the services, their content, and any services or items procured from the company shall be borne solely by you.

The company and all individuals or entities affiliated with the company do not provide any guarantees or assurances regarding the entirety, security, dependability, eminence, precision, or accessibility of the services. Furthermore, the company and any associated personnel do not assert or warrant that the services, their content, or any services or materials procured through the services will be exact, dependable, mistake-free, or uninterrupted. There is no guarantee that blemishes will be remedied, that the services or the server that enables them to be available is free of viruses or other malicious constituents, or that the services or any services or materials procured through the services will fulfill your requirements or expectations.

The party involved hereby disavows any and all forms of guarantees, whether explicitly stated or tacitly understood, as required by law or otherwise, which may include but not be limited to guarantees of product quality, absence of third-party rights infringements, and suitability for specific uses.

Any such exclusions or limitations shall not impact any warranties that are not allowed to be excluded or limited by the applicable law.

Limitation Of Liability

Unless prohibited by law, you shall indemnify and hold harmless our officers, directors, employees, and agents from any and all indirect, punitive, special, incidental, or consequential damages, however caused (including without limitation, attorneys' fees and related costs and expenses of arbitration, litigation, or trial, whether or not such proceedings are initiated), arising out of or in connection with this agreement, whether based on contract, negligence, or any other tortious action, including but not limited to any claims for personal injury or property damage. This indemnification extends to any violation by you of any federal, state, or local laws, statutes, rules, or regulations. In the event of any liability on our part, it shall not exceed the amount paid for the products/services and shall not include consequential or punitive damages. It is important to note that some states may not allow the limitation or exclusion of punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, making the above limitation or exclusion invalid.


The account can be terminated or suspended and access to the service can be blocked immediately, without prior notice or liability, at our own discretion, for any reason whatsoever and without any limitations, including but not limited to a violation of the terms.

In the event that you decide to end your account, you can simply stop using the Service.

Under our sole discretion, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account and restrict access to the Service immediately and without prior notice or liability for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of the Terms with no limitations.

Governing Law

The present Terms will be regulated and interpreted following the statutes of the State of Florida, without taking into account its legal conflicts provisions.

In the event of our non-enforcement of any right or provision stated in these Terms, it should not be perceived as a waiver of such rights. Should any court declare any provision in these Terms as invalid or unenforceable, the other remaining provisions will remain valid and effective. These Terms encompass the whole agreement between us pertaining to our Service and override any prior agreements we may have had regarding the Service.

Changes To Service

The right to withdraw or modify our Service, as well as any service or material we provide through it, is reserved at our own discretion without prior notice. We will not be held accountable if, for any reason, the Service or any portion thereof is unavailable at any given moment. We may periodically limit access to users, including registered users, to certain portions or the entire Service.

Amendments To Terms

The amended Terms may be posted on this site at any time, and it is your obligation to periodically review them.

The ongoing utilization of the Platform after the publication of modified Terms entails your acceptance and consent to the alterations. It is your responsibility to regularly review this page to remain informed about any updates, as they are obligatory for you.

Upon the implementation of any revisions, your access to or use of our Service constitutes acceptance of the amended terms. Non-acceptance of the updated terms relinquishes your authorization to use the Service.

Waiver And Severability

Any failure by the Company to enforce any provision of these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such provision or any other provision. Moreover, the Company's failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

In the event that any section of the Terms is determined by a court or other appropriate authority to be invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable for any reason, that particular section will be removed or restricted to the minimum extent necessary, while the remaining sections of the Terms will remain fully valid and enforceable.


By utilizing the services or any other offerings provided by us, it is understood that you have familiarized yourself with and accepted these terms of use as legally binding.

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